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With whom the women voters in Gujarat? These exit poll results are shocking

ABP C Voter Exit Polls Result: This time women also participated in a big way in the Gujarat assembly elections. The results of this election will be in front of everyone on December 8, but the participation of women has played an important role in this. In the results of the exit polls of ABP C Voter, BJP seems to be forming a government with absolute majority, but its final decision will be taken only after the election results.

The exit polls of many places came out regarding the Gujarat elections, in which the BJP government is clearly visible. Apart from this, many exit polls are talking about forming the government with a huge majority. Before the results, ABP C-Voter had shown the exit polls of Gujarat on Monday, now let’s talk about the choice of women. In favor of which party did the women vote this time?

women’s choice in gujarat

If we talk about the choice of women in Gujarat, then here also BJP is at number one. This time also Gujarati women have considered BJP as their trustworthy party. According to the exit poll of ABP C-Voter, 49 percent women have trusted BJP. So on the other hand, 33 percent women have voted for the Congress. Apart from this, 15 percent women have voted for Aam Aadmi Party and 3 percent for others.

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Gujarat exit poll

Source- C Voter

Women voters with whom?

  • BJP-49%
  • Congress-33%
  • you-15%
  • Others – 3%

On the other hand, if we talk about the youth of 25 years, then the youth have also voted for BJP. 42 percent youth here were seen leaning towards BJP. So there 33 percent votes were cast for the Congress and 22 percent for the Aam Aadmi Party.

Gujarat exit poll

Source- C Voter

With whom are the voters up to 25 years old?

  • BJP-42%
  • Congress-33%
  • You – 22%
  • Others – 3%

Note- About 30 thousand people’s opinion has been taken on all the 182 seats in Gujarat. The margin of error in this survey is plus minus 3 to plus minus 5 percent.

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