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Wonder man: never ate bread, nor drank a sip of water… for 80 years, he had forgotten hunger.

New Delhi: Some live to eat, some eat to live. But apart from these, is there anyone who has survived without eating? This story is unbelievable and unimaginable. You will be surprised to know that without eating food and without drinking water, a person has spent many decades, not 1-2 days. He was born in 1929 and for 79 years he neither ate a grain of grain nor did a drop of water fall down his throat. He had forgotten the hunger. It can be said about him that no one believes it or not, but such a person of flesh and blood has lived in India. It is claimed that he stopped eating and drinking at the age of 11-12 and then lived by drinking air till the age of 91. Was it a miracle or a mystery? This question would have puzzled thousands, millions of people. The faith of the people increased and then the fame of that person started spreading in all four directions. This is the story of Saint Prahladbhai Jani of Ambaji in Banaskantha district of Gujarat. Seeing her dress and behavior, people started calling her Chunariwale Mataji.

Prahlad Jani (file photo)

PM lives by drinking water for 9 days
You must have read about the sadhana of people who drink water for 9 days in Navratri, but it is surprising that someone remained hungry and thirsty for the name of the goddess. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has been fasting for Navratri for 40 years and drinks lemonade. When he went to America a few months ago, there was a lot of discussion about his fast there too. President Joe Biden himself had said that PM Modi is on a fast and we are giving him a feast. Then the PM drank only hot water.

…so was it a miracle!
But here it was strange. Hearing about Prahladbhai Jani, people would call it impossible, some would call it power, some would call it a miracle. People used to worship him as a devotee of Ambe Maa, so some people would have been curious to know what is the secret of this incomprehensible riddle? After all, without drinking water or eating food, how do they stay healthy on the side of other human beings?

Chunariwale Mataji neither eats nor drinks anything. Mother was pleased with him, so he was able to do this.

A devotee of Prahlad Jani

red tika, red cloth
The red mark on the forehead, the nose ring, the red clothes and the white beard were the hallmarks of the Mother. When the name spread, the discussion increased and then questions also started arising. In such a situation, Prahlad Jani was kept in the hospital and monitored for 15 days. In Ahmedabad from 22 April to 6 May 2010, not one but the entire team of doctors monitored 24 hours. CCTV cameras were also installed. Clinical, radiological tests were also done along with MRI, ultrasound, X-ray. During the investigation for 15 days, Prahlad Jani neither ate nor drank anything. It was also surprising to see that he did not even pass stool and urine.

When I was young, three ladies came in my dreams. All three put a finger on my lip and said that stop worrying about food and drink. After that I did not eat or drink anything.

Prahlad Jani (said in an interview a few years back)

More than 5 days without water impossible!
Doctors believe that a person can live for 30 to 40 days without eating food, but it is not possible to survive more than five days without water.

Many doctors of the country and the world did research on his body. One such doctor, Sudhir Shah, said a few years ago, ‘If the mother does not drink even water, then the calories are not even 500-600, that means there is absolutely no calories to run the cellular mechanism of the body.’

chunri wala mataji

three ladies came in the dream
Explaining the reason for giving up food and water, Prahlad Jani had told, ‘When I was young, three ladies came in my dream. Said, come with me. All three put a finger on my lip and said that stop worrying about food and drink. After that I did not eat or drink anything.’ He considered it a boon of Goddess Shakti and then changed his form accordingly. People started worshiping him and aarti started being performed.

challenge to science
However, this claim was a challenge for science because energy is necessary to survive. Depending on the age, height and profession, more or less energy will be required. Usually, a 30-year-old man of five and a half feet tall and 55 kg requires 1300 calories of energy. In such a situation, at least 1000 calories of energy was needed daily for Prahlad Jani Mataji.

If it is known that how one can survive without eating and drinking, then it will be of great help in making strategies for people going for space missions.

DRDO scientists (involved in investigation)

DRDO scientists also tested
His body was tested twice in 2003 and 2005. A team of 45 doctors from India and abroad participated. It is worth noting that DRDO scientists also joined this team. They wanted to know if there was really a gene inside Prahlad Jani that could survive without food and drink, so they could develop it and use it for soldiers stationed in Siachen and other inaccessible places.

What did the investigation find?
A doctor doing research had said that if it is known that how one can survive without eating and drinking, then it will be of great help in making strategies for people going for space missions. Prahlad Jani was kept in Ahmedabad for 10 days. The body was scanned with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. Heart and brain function were examined. He was under the surveillance of the camera all the time. Several blood tests were done. Surprisingly, nothing unusual was found in any of the investigations. Being hungry and thirsty did not affect his body either.

It is impossible for us to understand (about Prahlad Jani), yet we had seen it to be true.

Dr. Sudhir Shah

what was the secret?
Dr. Sudhir Shah said that it is impossible for us to understand, yet we have seen that it is true. The only thing that can be said for that is that these people run their chakra with cosmic energy. The mind has a powerful role in it. There may also be an effect of divine power within them.

For 10 days, the hemoglobin level of Prahlad Jani remained between 10 and 12. According to science, 65 percent of the human body is water. Nutrients and hormones are in this water itself. Water regulates body temperature. It is difficult to live 5 to 7 days without drinking water, so how was it?

What do the religious leaders say?
If you ask the religious leaders, they say that through worship and devotion, the energy which resides in the sleeping state within us gets awakened. Due to which the self-confidence, spiritual power and physical strength of man increases in this quantity, then the need of food and water starts decreasing. In such a situation, no one survives without water and food. Some considered self-power as powerful, some faith and finally even science could not categorically reject the claim.

Those who believed in him claimed that Chunariwale Mataji would live for 300 years. However, he passed away two years ago at the age of 91. Then the rationalists said that even people who lead a normal life live 100 years. But this did not weaken the faith of the devotees of Prahlad Jani. They still give him the status of a saint.

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