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World Piano Day 2023: Growing piano craze among children in Ghaziabad, expert in playing every tune from film songs

Vishal Jha

Ghaziabad, World Piano Day is celebrated every year on 29 March. Piano is such a musical instrument which used to be very expensive in the past. But, with time now pianos have become the common choice. Small children are learning to play the piano in Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi. Their teacher Mukta Varshney teaches these children to play this instrument. Mukta has an academy named Sangeet Shiksha Kendra in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad.

Myra, who is studying in class VI, has been playing the piano for the past one year. Myra feels great playing the piano. She plays many Bollywood songs brilliantly. Myra has made a name for herself in the world of piano playing at a young age.

Similarly, Ishita also plays many songs very easily. Mukta Varshney, who teaches music to these children, told that nowadays there is a lot of interest in piano. Playing the piano gives peace of mind. In playing the piano, the child has to take care of the key and the composition.

piano keeps stress away

Piano is a different instrument. It is also taught in the western way. By the way, in the main way children learn through the sound note of

Apart from piano, Mukta also teaches to play tabla, violin etc. He told that music keeps children away from depression. It also increases their focus in studies.

piano keys

Natural: – The white keys of the piano are called natural. There are a total of 52 natural keys in the piano. A very different tune emerges from this.

Accidental: – The black key in the piano is called accidental. There are a total of 36 black keys in the piano.

The white keys produce a little less sound than the black keys.

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