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YearEnder 2023: Here are the most read news on India TV this year

Image Source : PTI
The success of Chandrayaan-3 had made the entire country proud.

New Delhi: In a huge country like India, there is movement of news every moment. Some of these news are such that they leave a deep impact on the minds of the readers. There are some news which readers find interesting and remember them for a long time. Some news hurts the heart, while some news brings joy. Today we are telling you about such news of India TV, which were adopted by our readers in 2023.

Railway officer found ‘Dhankuber’ in raid

In January, CBI had raided the house of a retired railway employee. Everyone was shocked to see the property found there. Actually, CBI had raided the house of retired 89 batch officer Pramod Kumar Jaina from Indian Railways in Bhubaneswar. In the raid, the central agency recovered more than Rs 1.57 crore in cash and 17 kg of jewellery, whose value was said to be Rs 8 crore. This news of India TV was read widely by the audience. To read the news in detail click here…

Armenia, Ajer Baijan

Image Source: AP

The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia has destroyed many lives.

War ruined millions of lives

This year, wars were fought in many areas of the world. There was also a fierce war between Azerbaijan and Armenia this year. Due to the war, more than 70 percent of the original population of Nagorno-Karabakh fled to Armenia. Officials had said that before the migration started, the population of this area was around 1,20,000. To read the news in detail click here…

Bride’s life in trouble due to makeup

After makeup in Hassan, Karnataka, a girl’s face deteriorated so much that she had to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). His marriage got postponed there. When the matter came to light, the beautician was detained for questioning. This news also became one of the most read news on India TV. To read full news click here…

Tomato, Tomato

Image Source : PTI

Tomato prices have attracted a lot of discussion this year.

People were ‘happy’ even at Rs 150 per kg tomato

Tomato prices troubled the people of the country a lot this year. In some areas its price had even crossed Rs 200 per kg. This is the reason why tomatoes were in the news this year. When the rate of tomato came below Rs 150 per kg in Azadpur mandi, people immediately accepted that news. Read the full news by clicking here…

Actress Ada Sharma was in trouble

‘The Kerala Story’ lead actress Adah Sharma was in trouble in mid-2023 after her personal contact details were leaked online. According to reports, all these details of the actress were leaked by a user named ‘Jhamunda_Bolte’. This user had also threatened to leak Ada’s new contact number. Like ‘The Kerala Story’ movie, this news was also widely played on India TV. To read full news click here…

Mahindra’s tweet on Shubman went viral

In May, Shubman Gill scored a century against Mumbai Indians in the Qualifier 2 match of IPL. After this, a tweet by businessman Anand Mahindra went viral, in which he praised Shubman Gill. This news was given a lot of love by the readers of India TV. To read the news in detail click here…

Kohli had left Tendulkar behind

India may have lost in the final of the ODI Cricket World Cup, but its performance throughout the year was quite good. This year, Virat Kohli achieved a special achievement and left Sachin Tendulkar behind. This news was also liked by many on India TV. To read the complete news you You can click here…

Shahrukh Khan, Pathaan


Shahrukh Khan’s looks in ‘Pathan’ created a stir.

King Khan’s ‘looks’ created a stir

There would be no exaggeration if it is said that this year was King Khan’s in Bollywood. This year, Shahrukh’s ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Pathan’ broke many records of box office collection. A news related to Pathan’s ‘Besharam Rang’ song had attracted a lot of viewers on India TV. What was that news, to know click here…

There is no shortage of jobs for those studying here

A news about the top 5 universities of India was widely published on India TV. It was told in this news that after studying from which 5 universities, students generally do not have any problem in getting a job. If you also want to know about these universities, then Click here to read the full news…

The entire country’s eyes were on Chandrayaan’s landing.

What could be a more proud news for the country this year than Chandrayaan’s landing on Chanda Mama? People were eager to get information about Chandrayaan every moment and India TV was continuously providing every update related to it to its readers. To know how India planted its flag on the moon that day click here…

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