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You must have heard and seen donating, the parents made such a donation to the 16-month-old son, the eyes will be filled with hearing

Heart Touching Story: The only brother of five sisters and the apple of everyone’s eyes-Rishant. 16-month-old Rishant had just started taking steps that fate had shown such cruelty to him that knowing you would also cry. On the morning of 17 August he suddenly collapsed and was seriously injured. Her father Upinder is a private contractor by profession who was going out of his work at that time. The injured son was taken to a private hospital near his residence in Jamuna Park. The 16-month-old was admitted to the Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center (JPNATC) of AIIMS Delhi in the afternoon of the same day with a serious head injury.

parents made great donations

On 24 August, doctors declared the child brain stem dead. Hearing this, there was mourning in the whole family. The bereaved family was advised by the doctors and transplant coordinators of ORBO, AIIMS Delhi that they can help others by donating the organ of the child. After the counseling session, when the family came to know that Rishant’s organs could bring life to others, they wholeheartedly agreed to donate his organs and tissues. The parents took a big decision by placing a stone on the heart and donated the organs of their 16-month-old child who was declared brain dead at AIIMS Delhi.

The child’s father Upinder said, “Baby Rishant was our sixth and youngest child. He was the apple of our eyes and loved his five elder sisters dearly. I was busy leaving for work early that day and took my child. Couldn’t even hold it in my arms. It breaks my heart to think that we’ve lost him. But I felt that if his organs could save other people’s lives, I should donate them.”

Organ donation will keep our memories alive

Rishant’s uncle said, “We donate food, clothes and money to the needy. Today our child is not with us, only his memories and his body are left. If his organs can help a needy person, then Even in this misfortune, nothing can be better than this.”

Multiple teams work together

Dr Aarti Vij, Head of Organ Retrieval Banking Organization (ORBO), AIIMS, said, “We have a system of mandatory notification to ORBO. Also, behind every organ donation and transplant, there is a comprehensive work behind it. The consent of the family of the deceased is obtained. From doing things to safe retrieval of organs, to allocation and transportation of organs, there are many teams on the job.

All this work is due to effective and efficient coordination between multiple teams – treating physician, transplant coordinator, transplant team, OT team, forensic department, support department, National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) and police department It’s made possible.”

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