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You will be shocked to see these players playing cricket sitting on a wheelchair, see video

Report: Nisha Rathod

Udaipur. There is no other game more popular than cricket in India. You will see people playing cricket in every street, every locality and ground. You must have also heard about its different formats. From T20 to Test match. In these, the thrill of One Day and T20 is completely different. But today we are going to give you information about such a cricket tournament, which is more exciting than T20, it is a different matter that at present it neither enjoys popularity like T20, nor does it generate money. 20 is like

Yes, now the Wheel Chair National Cricket Competition is being organized in Udaipur. That is, in this format, the players are showing their stamina by sitting on a wheelchair. In fact, the third National Wheelchair Cricket Championship has started under the joint aegis of Narayan Seva Sansthan, Differently Abled Cricket Council of India and Wheelchair Cricket India Association. This competition is supported by IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals.

from your city (Udaipur)

16 teams of the country are taking part

A total of 16 teams from across the country have participated in this third National Wheelchair Championship. Players with disabilities below the feet are participating in this. You will be stunned to see the fun and enthusiasm of these players. You will also find it difficult to believe that he is physically handicapped.

play like normal cricketers

The players, who have been a part of this National Wheelchair Cricket Championship, say that it is not difficult for them to play cricket while sitting on a wheelchair. Like ordinary players, they also stand in the same way in the field with ball and bat in hand. Although proper type of practice ground is not available for them now, but in the coming time those too will definitely be made.

sense of pride

Aftab Ansari, a player from Uttarakhand told that he had to face a lot of difficulty in the initial phase. Playing cricket on a wheelchair was an impossible endeavor. But we made it possible. Today we feel very proud that we have reached this point even while sitting on a wheelchair. It is heartening to see that many teams from across the country are playing cricket on one platform today.

Will end on World Disability Day

The wheel chair competition will be concluded on 3rd December. World Disability Day is celebrated on that day. The winning team will be awarded cash prize and trophy.

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