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Young people like Asif Rozani have been ahead of their best ideas

Starting your own business at a young age is definitely a tremendous task. As a youth you may have to put in more hours and the returns will be negligible in the beginning. Entrepreneurship may have its challenges, but if you are passionate about your dream then this journey can be a mesmerizing experience and extremely satisfying. One such person who is enjoying his entrepreneurship journey is 26-year-old Asif Rozani.
Asif Rozani hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra. When most young people get caught up in their career choice decisions, they had a clear vision. His goal was to set up his own business company. He started working in his family business with his father at the age of 16 to gain insight and knowledge. He knew that the road ahead would be tiring and could not give up easily. But it was his will and the support of his family that never let him hold back. The result was Asif’s first own company, Anish Enterprises, Zavian Enterprises (construction material supplier and manufacturer.), and Da Supreme Villa (a group of holiday home destinations in 2020).

He is also the owner of the company till now. Asif’s intention behind starting his own company was not to make money. He wanted to fulfill his dream and wanted to help people. He was purely driven by passion. In his early days of entrepreneurship, he was in the fitness industry but soon realized that he needed to learn more. So they also set up other companies that catered to different needs. From family business to fitness industry, the vacation home destination was founded by him at the age of 24.

Even as a young man, he knew that his customers were the most important factor in the business. Their satisfaction will step in their path towards successful entrepreneurship. Given the current emphasis on digitization and the boom in internet usage, he wants more and more youth to break the career stereotypes and get into entrepreneurship. Of course, if they want to be independent and have a good idea. If you are sure and have a unique idea and also the passion to make it happen, don’t give up. Success comes when you have something extra to offer.



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