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‘Your project is going to Gujarat’, says Rahul Gandhi in Maharashtra’s Nanded

Rahul Gandhi Speech in Bharat Jodo Yatra: The ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ of the Congress is currently passing through Maharashtra. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi once again on Wednesday (November 9) while addressing the public amid a padyatra, targeted the BJP-led Narendra Modi government at the Center for demonetisation, GST and relocation of projects. Simple.

Accusing the central government from Naigaon in Nanded district of the state, Rahul Gandhi said that there are elections in Gujarat, so the projects of Maharashtra were taken there. Rahul alleged that the projects of Airbus and Foxconn were taken from Maharashtra to Gujarat.

Where did Rahul Gandhi say?

Wayanad MP and former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, while addressing the public in Naigaon, said, “The day demonetisation was done, the day wrong GST was implemented, economic tsunami hit India. I am fighting a battle against black money, it has been five-six years, the evidence is in front of you, has black money disappeared? Has disappeared? Your projects are going to Gujarat, that black money is different but your projects are going.”

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Rahul Gandhi further said, “There is an airbus, there is an airplane, it takes off from the runway, you must have seen it, haven’t you? Similarly, Airbus’s project took off from Maharashtra, I don’t know where it went, where did it go, why did it go, elections are coming in Gujarat, who went here is a different matter.. So Airbus’s project went.

Rahul said this about the mobile project

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the central government of taking away the mobile phone project from Maharashtra. Rahul said, “You have a mobile phone in your pocket? Show me, inside it.. This mobile phone project, Foxconn’s project, where did it go? Whatever is yours, leave thousands of crores of rupees and money, the future of your youth, their employment, is being snatched from your state.

Rahul also said that the India of farmers and laborers does not travel in vehicles, it moves on the road, it cannot be understood by airplanes, helicopters or vehicles. If you want to understand that India then you have to walk on the streets.

How much more Congress’s Bharat Jodi Yatra left?

Let us inform that on Wednesday (November 9), it has been 63 days since the Congress’s Bharat Jodi Yatra started. During this the journey has passed through 27 districts of six states. At present it is passing through Nanded district of Maharashtra. Now a distance of 1856 km is yet to be covered under this journey.

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