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Youth hoisted Pakistani flag at home in Kushinagar, anger among locals, case registered

kushinagarThere is enthusiasm across the country regarding the 75th Independence Day. People are showing their patriotism through various programs. This special achievement of independence is being celebrated as Amrit Mahotsav across the country. While people are hoisting the tricolor in their homes on the call of the tricolor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, some anti-social elements are trying to spoil the atmosphere with their anti-national acts. A similar case has come from Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh. Where a youth of a particular community hoisted the flag of Pakistan at his house.

A video of a young man hoisting the Pakistani flag on his terrace in Bendupar Mustakil village of Teryasujan police station in Kushinagar is becoming very viral on social media. It is being told that the people of the family forbade him to do so, yet he did not agree and put the flag of Pakistan on his house.

resentment among local people
The video of a young man named Salman waving the Pakistan flag at home is fiercely viral on social media. After the video went viral, outrage spread among the local people. People immediately informed the police administration. After which the administration took down the flag and filed a case against the youth. The name of the youth who put the flag of Pakistan at home is Salman, who is a resident of Bedupar Mustakil village of Taraya Sujan police station area of ​​Kushinagar.

Case has been registered after taking off the flag: SP
Additional Superintendent of Police Ritesh Kumar Singh talked to the media about the youth hoisting the flag of Pakistan. He told that after the matter of putting Pakistan’s flag on the house came to notice, immediately after getting the Pakistan flag removed from his house, a case has been registered against the youth. The youth has also been arrested by the police. Additional Superintendent of Police said that the police is investigating the whole matter. Whoever is guilty in this case will not be spared

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