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Is Rohit Sharma too old for T20 format, flop in IPL since last 6 seasons

New Delhi: Indian players have been accused of performing brilliantly in the IPL and flopped when they played for Team India. But you would be surprised to know that for the last 6 seasons, Rohit Sharma has been a flop in the Indian Premier League as well. The Hitman’s bat has remained consistently calm in the world’s biggest T20 league. The captain of Mumbai Indians, the most 5-time champion, went cold season after season. इस बात की तस्दीक करते हैं हमारे पास मौजूद कुछ आंकड़े।बीते 6 सीजन में रोहित शर्मा के आंकड़ेसाल रनएवरेजस्ट्राइक रेट2017 33323.78121.97201828623.83133.02201940528.92128.57202033227.66121.69202138129.30127.42202226819.14120.18 लगातार गिर रहा खेल का स्तरऊपर के टेबल को अगर आपने ध्यान से देखा होगा So the story must have been understood. Even once in the last 6 seasons, his average was not more than 30. The strike rate could not cross 130. Since 2017, Rohit’s performance has dropped continuously. If the player who has been given the title of hitman by the media and fans, he scores runs at an average of 19 and a simple strike rate around 120, then how will it work. Although the year 2019 ODI World Cup was fantastic for Rohit. There he set a new record by scoring 5 centuries, but the entire team collapsed as soon as he flopped in the semi-finals.

Age also has an effect? ​​Rohit Sharma, born on 30 April 1987 in Nagpur, has crossed the age of 35 years. At some point he was an expert in playing the short ball. Pull used to be his favorite shot. Seeing him playing, it seemed that he could hit a short ball for a six even after getting up from his sleep. But perhaps now the increasing age is affecting his reflexes as well. Not as quick as before. The short balls which he used to hit for sixes in the stands, now the bowlers are continuously hunting him on the same balls. Fitness has also been a big problem for the Indian skipper.

After the loss, IPL was mentioned by Rohit Sharma after being out of the World Cup. He had said that I am disappointed after the crushing defeat to England. We batted well, but fell behind in terms of bowling. In knockout matches, everything depends on handling the pressure. All players understand this. All of them have played under pressure in IPL matches. It was clear from Rohit Sharma’s talk that the pressure he has been facing in the Indian Premier League matches, he could not handle that pressure in this match.

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