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Ahmedabad is famous for street shopping, visit it if you are going to watch the World Cup Final.

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The World Cup Final is going to be held in Ahmedabad and many people will go here to watch this match. In such a situation, if you are also going here with the planning of watching the match, then you can spare some time and roam around this city. Actually, Ahmedabad city is very famous for some of its special places. In this city, where you can do shopping, you can also see some special things. So, if you are also going to Ahmedabad, then know a little about what you can do here.

Places to visit in Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad places to visit in Hindi

1. Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake and its zoo in Ahmedabad are quite beautiful. This is a sanctuary for rare animals. The lake is quite famous for children. Here you can roam in the Kids City. Here you can go archery at the target-practice area on the lake shore. Additionally there is a classic mirror maze to watch live music or traditional celebrations.

So Chhath Puja started from here! If you also want to see this festival then reach this temple of Bihar.

2. Law Garden Night Market

No guide to any tourist destination in Ahmedabad is complete without the Night Market of Law Garden. This is the perfect place to buy Gujarati clothes and handicrafts. Roaming here in the park and shopping for various things is a lovely experience in itself. It is also called shopping heaven where you can buy everything from street food to jewellery.

night market

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night market

3. Queen Na Hajiro

Rani Na Haziro is the best shopping place for women in Ahmedabad. However, there are also historical tombs of Ahmed Shah’s queens nearby where you can visit comfortably. Traditional Gujarati clothes are especially available here. This market remains open till 11 pm and you can visit anytime.

Unknown place for wedding shopping in Delhi, you will forget Chandni Chowk!

4. Lal Darwaza Market

Lal Darwaza Market is one of the cheapest markets in Ahmedabad. From here you will get everything from home furnishing to clothes, electronic items, footwear and street food. Here you can buy these specially Gujarati things.

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