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Apply desi ghee on face before sleeping at night, freckles and acne will get rid of – India TV Hindi

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Desi ghee benefits for skin

Everyone is aware of the properties of desi ghee. Using it not only makes your health fit and healthy but it also enhances your beauty. Actually, desi ghee is very effective for your skin, hair and health. But very few people know about the beauty benefits of desi ghee. The benefits of ghee for skin are not hidden from anyone. Provided that many people do not know how to use ghee on the face, due to this they remain unaware of the benefits of ghee. Let us tell you how ghee can be the secret of your velvety, soft and beautiful skin.

  1. Get rid of dry skin: Ghee has such properties that it helps in removing dryness from your skin as well as making your skin soft, shiny and beautiful. Desi ghee is no less than Sanjeevani herb for those with dry skin.
  2. Remove wrinkles: With the help of ghee, you can keep your skin young and remove wrinkles. The Vitamin E present in it promotes anti-aging, so eating and applying ghee regularly will keep your skin young, glowing and wrinkle-free.
  3. Make lips soft: Ghee softens your chapped lips and also makes them shiny. If your lips are chapped, you can use ghee on your lips daily as a lip balm. This will keep your lips soft.
  4. Desi Ghee for Pimples: The anti-bacterial elements present in ghee are also helpful in keeping pimples away. For this, mix 1 spoon curd in 1 spoon ghee and apply it on the face and after some time wash the face with clean water. This will also reduce the blemishes and spots on the skin.

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How to apply desi ghee?

Although you can use desi ghee in many ways, but only desi ghee is effective in taking care of your skin. Lightly heat desi ghee and rub it well on the face and apply it before sleeping. Applying ghee under the eyes before sleeping at night relieves the problem of dark circles. Ghee can also be applied on pimples with fingers.

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