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Apply this white thing on your face before bathing, your skin will become as soft as a baby.

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apply milk on face

People don’t know what they do to get glowing skin. The skin gets damaged a lot in winter. Due to dry and lifeless skin, the face loses its glow. This is the reason why the skin looks quite dull in winter. Sometimes your beauty products also spoil the texture of the skin. Due to which skin problems start occurring. In such a situation, you should take care of your skin with natural things only. Milk is very beneficial for the skin. Rubbing raw milk on the face causes deep cleansing of the skin. Therefore, apply raw milk on your face every day before bathing. This will clear the complexion and the skin will become completely soft.

Actually, lactic acid is found in milk, which cleans the bacteria and dirt from the skin pores. Milk also cleanses the skin as a gentle exfoliator. By applying milk, dead skin cells are removed and the skin looks clearer and brighter.

Benefits of applying milk on face (Raw milk on skin)

For this, you have to massage your face with raw i.e. unboiled milk before taking bath in the morning. This will bring glow on your face and the complexion will become clear. After massaging, you have to wash your face with plain water. Raw milk makes the skin soft and provides good cleaning of the face.

How To Apply Milk Rose Water On Face

  1. For this, take 2-3 spoons of raw milk in a bowl and mix 1 spoon of rose water in it.
  2. Now apply the mixture of milk and rose water on the entire face with the help of cotton. After about 5 minutes, massage the face and clean it.
  3. Now keep it on the face for 10 minutes and wash the face with plain water. If your face feels sticky, you can clean it with lukewarm water.

Benefits of applying rose water and milk on the face

Rose water works as a natural skin toner for the skin. Applying rose water on the face brightens dull skin. The benefits of applying it by mixing it with milk further increase. The anti-aging properties found in it work as skin tightening. Due to which you remain young for a long time. The problem of pimples can also be solved with this.

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