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Brush with baking soda instead of toothpaste, your teeth will shine like pearls.

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baking soda toothpaste benefits

Baking soda toothpaste: Baking soda has been used to make many dishes like Dosa, Idli, Pua. It is actually used in fermentation. But, you can use it for teeth also. You can make toothpaste from it and use it for your teeth. Actually, it can work for teeth in many ways. Firstly, while it helps in cleaning the teeth, it is also antibacterial which is helpful in cleaning the germs from the teeth. Apart from this, we also know why it is beneficial for teeth and how to use it.

How to make toothpaste with baking soda-Baking soda toothpaste

To make toothpaste from baking soda, mix water and lemon juice in baking soda. Mix some rose water and clove oil in it. Now prepare everything like a thick paste. Keep it in a container and use it as a paste every time you brush. Keep in mind that you have to brush your teeth only once with this. This is helpful in increasing the shine of your teeth.

baking soda toothpaste

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baking soda toothpaste

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Benefits of brushing with baking soda-baking soda toothpaste benefits

There are many benefits of brushing with baking soda. Firstly, it is rich in fluoride which is helpful in clearing the yellowness of teeth. It cleans the dirt from the teeth and removes the entire layer of dirt. Apart from this, it is also helpful in cleaning the plaque inside the teeth, which keeps the teeth clean from inside also. Apart from this, this paste is also antibacterial which cleans the germs from the teeth and helps in keeping it healthy from inside.

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So, for all these reasons you should use baking soda powder to clean your teeth. Doing this three times a week can make your teeth shine like pearls.

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