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Buy these fruits now and keep these 3 things prepared, you will be rest assured about your hair throughout the year!

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amla benefits

Amla for hair: Amla contains many types of minerals like minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins. Apart from this, it contains Vitamin C which boosts collagen and improves hair health. Apart from this, it keeps the scalp healthy and helps in preventing problems like dandruff and infection. This increases hair growth and improves its texture. These are all the reasons why hair products made from Amla are so expensive. But, this is the season of Amla and you can prepare many such things from it which will be useful to you throughout the year and will save you from all the hair problems.

1. Amla Murabba

If you prepare gooseberry jam and eat it throughout the year, it is helpful in blackening the hair. Amla Murabba is rich in Vitamin C which boosts collagen and is helpful in improving hair color. It blackens hair and increases hair growth.

amla ka murba

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amla ka murba

Your hair will turn black with kajal! Just include these vegetables in your diet, know the recipe

2. Amla water

Applying Amla water to hair can reduce the problem of dandruff. It is rich in Vitamin C which acts as a cleansing agent. It also accelerates blood circulation on the scalp and helps in blackening the hair.

In winter, bleeding starts coming out from the heels, walking becomes heavy, with these remedies they will become soft like cream.

3. Amla powder

You can eat Amla powder and also apply it on your hair. So, all you have to do is dry the Indian gooseberry and grind it to prepare a dust. Then take it with warm water. Apart from this, you can also make a hair pack from Amla powder and apply it which is helpful in improving the complexion of hair. So, before going for winter, buy Amla and prepare these three things and then use it for hair.

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