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Dandruff and hair fall will reduce, steam your hair like this at home.

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Benefits of steaming hair

The benefits that you get from expensive hair spas in parlors can also be obtained by steaming your hair at home. Steaming the hair opens the cuticles. Due to which the nutrition reaches inside the hair. This reduces the problem of hair fall and dandruff. Just like hair is steamed in hair spa, similarly you can steam your hair at home also. Steam makes hair beautiful and shiny. Steam penetrates the hair follicles and cleans them from inside. Today we are telling you how to do hair spa and steam your hair at home. You can steam your hair in many ways.

Benefits of hair steaming

Through hair steaming, steam moisturizes the hair and scalp from within. In the parlor, a special steaming cap or steamer machine is used to steam the hair. Steaming opens the hair cuticles and provides deep conditioning. This strengthens the hair roots and grows well. If the hair has become very dry then deep moisturization can be done with steam.

How to steam your hair at home

  1. Steam with towel- The easiest way to steam your hair is to use a towel. First of all wash the hair and then do deep conditioning. Now wet the towel in hot water and squeeze it and tie it on the hair. Place a plastic shower cap over it. Due to this the towel will not cool down quickly. Keep it like this for 15-30 minutes and then wash the hair with normal water.
  2. Use bowls of hot water- For hair steaming with hot bowl, first boil water and put it in a heatproof bowl. Now you have to shampoo the hair and apply conditioner thoroughly. Now sit at a distance and keep a bowl of hot water nearby. Tilt your head over it and cover the bowl and hair with a towel to trap the steam. You stay like this for 15-20 minutes. Then wash the hair with normal water.
  3. Use steamer or humidifier- To steam such hair, first fill water in a steamer or humidifier. Now after shampoo and conditioner, run the steamer or humidifier in the room or bathroom. Sit so close to it that the steam reaches the hair. After taking steam for some time, cover the hair with a shower cap. After 15-20 minutes wash hair with cold water.

Hair will become soft as silk with a broom, apply this hair mask made of egg and banana once a week.

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