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Drying clothes in winter is a big challenge, if the sun is not shining then adopt this trick.

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How to dry clothes in winter

As the cold increases, the fog also starts increasing. Severe cold starts from 25th December. Many days it is cloudy and sunlight cannot be seen throughout the day. There is a blanket of fog in the sky. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to dry clothes. If clothes remain wet for a long time, they start smelling. Can’t figure out how to dry clothes as quickly as possible. Many times people dry clothes with the help of heater or dryer and press. In this way the clothes get dried but freshness is not achieved and the electricity bill comes separately. Today we are telling you some such tips by which you can easily dry your clothes in winter even without sunlight.

  1. In winter, if you feel that the sun is not shining, then dry your clothes twice after washing them. This removes all the water from the clothes more effectively. With this, the clothes will dry quickly and only in the fan air.
  2. Use hangers while drying clothes. Because in a way where clothes remain wet and start smelling. Drying in a hanger exposes the clothes to air from all sides. If you want, put the clothes loosely on the wrapped stand.
  3. In winter, when there is no sunlight, you can dry your clothes by running a fan. Run a fan overnight and keep a clothes stand in the room. And turn the clothes in between. This will dry the clothes quickly.
  4. If you need to dry 1-2 clothes very urgently, you can also dry them with the help of a heater or dryer. After it dries slightly, you can dry it a little with a hot press. Well, dryer is a good option for this. This will not cause any smell in the clothes.
  5. While drying the clothes, squeeze them thoroughly. There should be at least water left. Then dry them at some distance and keep turning them. This will expose the clothes to air and dry them.

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