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Even the taste of mutton and chicken fails in front of this vegetable, if you eat it once, you will make it again and again! – India TV Hindi

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kathal vegetable

Jackfruit Vegetable: Jackfruit is a vegetable of this season which people prepare a lot. Its taste is very different and people eat it like mutton and chicken. During Holi, people eat it with Malpua and its combination is similar to Litti Chokha. Not only this, the special thing about this vegetable is that people make chutney, pickles from it and then eat it by making koftas and pakodas. But, today we will know only about the recipe of jackfruit vegetable and how it is made like mutton-chicken.

How to make jackfruit curry like mutton-chicken?

To make jackfruit curry like mutton-chicken, you will need

-Half kg chopped jackfruit
-5 onions, cut them into pieces and keep them aside.
-2 green chillies
-tomato puree
-Garam Masala
-Turmeric, coriander and chilli powder
-mustard oil

kathal ki sabji recipe

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kathal ki sabji recipe

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method of making

-To make jackfruit curry, first peel and cut the jackfruit.
-Now before making jackfruit curry, mix it in curd and keep it for some time.
-What to do is to take jackfruit, add curd, half teaspoon turmeric, cumin powder, coriander, chilli, onion, garlic, ginger and salt to it and leave it for some time.
-Now leave it like this for about 30 minutes.
-Now take a big pan or frying pan and cook vegetables in it.
-First of all, when the pan is hot, add mustard oil in it.
-When the oil becomes hot, add a little cumin to it. Add red chilli, bay leaf and asafoetida.
-Now turn the whole jackfruit with curd in it.
-Cook everything on low flame.
-Add remaining spices like turmeric powder, coriander powder and then chilli powder.
If there is garam masala powder then add it, otherwise roast the garam masala, grind it and add it.
-Add salt and Kasuri methi.
-Cover everything well and cook.
-When it is cooked, its aroma and color start coming out, then add water to it.
-Now cover the vegetables and cook. Check the jackfruit occasionally to see if it is ripe or not.
-When it is completely cooked, turn off the gas.
-Cut coriander leaves and mix.

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So, in this way you can prepare and eat this jackfruit vegetable. You can also eat it with paratha, roti or pulao etc. So, if you have not tried this vegetable then definitely try it once.

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