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Every hair problem will be completely stopped if you eat these 5 things rich in vitamins every day.

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People are facing many problems nowadays like hair fall, breakage, graying of hair and many more. If your hair is becoming thinner than usual then it could be due to your diet and lifestyle. Our diet and lifestyle have a lot of impact on the health of hair. Diet affects hair health. In such a situation, we should include food that keeps hair healthy in our diet. So that hair can become healthy and strong. Biotin i.e. Vitamin B-7 is most important for hair. This makes hair healthy and strong and other problems also go away.

Vitamins essential for hair

If you want healthy and strong hair, then you must include Biotin i.e. Vitamin B7 in your diet. For this, you should take at least 20-30 micrograms of biotin daily. You can overcome the deficiency of Vitamin B7 by including some special things in your diet.

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Food rich in Vitamin B7 (Biotin)

  1. Egg- Egg is very beneficial for hair. This provides essential protein and the quantity of Vitamin B7 in eggs is also good. By eating one egg daily, the body gets 20 micrograms of biotin. Vitamin D and other essential vitamins are also found in eggs for hair health.
  2. Groundnut- Peanuts should be eaten a lot in winter. This will make your hair healthy and strong. Vitamin B7 deficiency can be compensated by eating peanuts. 100 grams of peanuts provide 17.20 micrograms of vitamin B7. Which fulfills your daily needs.
  3. Soybean- If you want to keep hair healthy then definitely include soybean in your diet. Biotin deficiency can be compensated by eating soybean. Eating 100 grams of soybean daily provides 19.3 micrograms of vitamin B7. Which is enough for your hair.
  4. Chicken- Chicken is a good source of Vitamin B7 for those who eat non-veg. However, the deficiency of Vitamin B7 can be compensated by many other non-veg options also. For this, you can eat 75 grams of chicken daily which provides 31 micrograms of biotin.
  5. Sunflower seeds- Seeds must be included in the diet in winter. This provides energy to the body and makes hair strong. Sunflower seeds are considered very beneficial for hair. With this the deficiency of Vitamin B7 can be easily compensated. About 13 micrograms of biotin is found in 100 grams of sunflower seeds.

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