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Get your pimples treated before marriage, acne will go away and your skin will start glowing.

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If even a single pimple appears on the face before marriage, the bride takes the whole house on her head. Every bride wants that her skin starts glowing before the wedding and she looks the most beautiful. However, acne persists on the skin of some people for years. Even after taking the best treatment, acne does not reduce. In such a situation, if you have problem of acne then treat it before marriage. There are many Ayurvedic and home remedies to remove acne which will remove pimples and make your skin bright and glowing. This will also improve your complexion.

Home remedies to get rid of acne

  1. Sandalwood- If a girl uses turmeric and sandalwood before marriage, her skin becomes beautiful. This not only enhances your beauty but also removes acne. Sandalwood has antiviral and antiseptic properties which remove pimples and acne. This also reduces the rashes. Sandalwood works like bleaching on the skin, which also makes the skin fair.
  2. Aloe Vera- Aloe vera is considered best for the skin. Skin problems go away by applying aloe vera daily. You can use aloe vera even if you have acne. With this, sunburn and aging can be reduced. Use aloe vera to regain the moisture lost in winter. By applying this the face starts glowing. Aloe vera is very beneficial for flawless skin.
  3. neem- Neem is used in the products available in the market to remove pimples. Neem is considered very beneficial in Ayurveda. With this, acne and pimples on the skin can be removed. Anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are found in Neem which eliminates acne. Applying Neem pack makes the skin clear.
  4. Turmeric- Turmeric is considered very beneficial for the skin. This improves the complexion. At the time of marriage, turmeric is applied to the bride and groom so that their skin starts glowing. Anti-aging properties are found in turmeric which helps in keeping the skin young. Turmeric removes the blemishes and spots from the face and clears the complexion.
  5. Saffron- Applying saffron on the skin clears the complexion and also provides relief from the problem of acne. Applying saffron mixed with milk makes the complexion fair and clear. You can also apply it by putting it in a pack made of multani mitti. Or even just by applying milk, your face will glow.

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