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Happy Chhath festival, congratulatory messages, messages and WhatsApp status.

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happy chhath wishes

Chhath Puja In Hindi: Chhath Puja is a great festival of public faith and public welfare. The festival of Chhath is celebrated with great pomp across the country. Sun is worshiped in Chhath, through which the entire nature is communicated. There is life on earth only because of the Sun and the Sun’s rays illuminate that life. Chhath is also called the festival of nature. On the auspicious occasion of Chhath, you must send this special congratulatory message to your family and friends and relatives.

Congratulatory messages of Chhath (Chhath Puja Wishes Quotes In Hindi)

Chhath Massage

Image Source : INDIA TV

Chhath Massage

Wheat Thekua, Rice Laddus

Pudding Pineapple, Lemon and Pumpkin
Chhathi maiya karas tohar every wish fulfilled
Jai Chhathi Maiya
Best wishes for Chhath Puja.

The unique colors of the holy festival of Chhath are scattered everywhere.
This great festival of Chhath brings happiness in life.
May there be immense happiness in your life too
Happy Chhath festival to you.
Happy Chhath Puja

May there be blessings from Chhathi Maiya, may there be so much rain of wealth.
May your name be everywhere, may you be profitable in business day and night.
This is our wish… may this Chhath be very special for you.

Chhath Quotes In Hindi

Image Source : INDIA TV

Chhath Quotes In Hindi

Lord Surya’s chariot has arrived, today is Man Bhavan Golden Chhath.
May you get immense happiness and wealth, accept the best wishes of Chhath.
Happy Chhath Puja

Hail Mother Chhath on the great festival of Chhath Puja.
May the house be filled with wealth and prosperity.
May you be victorious in every task.
Best wishes for Chhath Puja

Today is the holy festival of Chhath
The redness of the sun is mother’s fast
Come quickly, don’t think now
Chhath puja khana tum prasad
Happy Chhath Puja…

Who is the sustainer of the entire world, who rides seven horses
Never stop and never delay, this is how our Sun God is.
Let us worship together on this Chhath.
Best wishes for Chhath Puja.

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