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Has crust started forming on your lips? Bleeding has started coming out, try these remedies, lips will become soft like flowers.

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Dry Lips home remedy

Winter has started. This pink season also brings with it many skin related problems. In which dry skin is the biggest problem. Dry skin has a very bad effect on many parts of our body, especially the lips. Lips become very dry in this season. Sometimes the lips become so dry that their condition worsens and they start bleeding and cause a lot of pain. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of your lips. Try these home remedies to take care of your lips.

apply coconut oil

Coconut oil is very effective in softening chapped lips. Apply coconut oil on the lips two-three times a day. Also use it on the lips before sleeping at night. This will soften the skin and also provide relief from pain in the lips.

apply honey on lips

Honey can also be used for chapped lips. This softens the lips and also reduces the problem of pain. If there are cracks in the lips then they also start healing by applying this.

apply vaseline

Your lips should always remain soft during the winter season, so do not forget to apply Vaseline. Vaseline will maintain the moisture of your lips. Also, your lips will not get chapped by applying these.

apply cream

Cream is very beneficial for chapped lips. Therefore, every day before sleeping, apply cream on your lips and massage your lips for two minutes. This will eliminate the problem of chapped lips and make the lips soft.

Sugar and Honey Scrubber

To soften your lips, apply a scrub of sugar and honey. By using these, the dead skin of your lips will be removed easily and your lips will also become soft.

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