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How much the interior of the house changed in 2023, this is the new trend and fashion of home decoration.

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Fashion lovers do not just change their clothes, shoes, jewellery, make-up and looks every year. Rather, there are changes in home furniture, paints, colors, themes, curtains, carpets and home decor every year. Sometimes texture print is in fashion and sometimes bright colors come in trend. To make the house beautiful, people keep making changes according to fashion, theme and trends. In the year 2023, there have been a lot of changes in the interior as well. Which is giving a new and beautiful look to your home. Know what has changed in home decor and interior this year.

  1. Bold and bright colors- In the year 2023, there has been a lot of change in the color of the house i.e. paint. This year, bold and bright colors were the most trending. Although white walls never go out of fashion, this year bright colors remained in fashion from the walls to the ceiling of the house.
  2. Statement Stone- This year there was another change in the interior which people are liking a lot. Place a statement stone in a corner or table of the house. These days, stones are available in the market in the shape like skeleton skull, which look different. Marbles and colorful stones are also in trend.
  3. Curvy shape furniture- This year, a lot of changes were also seen in the furniture of the house. Till now L shape sofa or straight sofa were in fashion, but this year curvy sofas and chairs have been in trend. These sofas will give a fresh and romantic look to your home. Curved sofas, curved chairs, and different types of furniture are in fashion in the latest designs.
  4. Peace and quiet interior- After the Corona epidemic, people want peace and tranquility at home. This year, such furniture, designs, colors and curtains should be in fashion in the interior which give peace to the mind and eyes. The house is being designed in such a way that you can do meditation in the room itself. Subtle colours, wood theme is being chosen.
  5. Minimalism and clean look- Coastal theme i.e. theme of only essential items has started appearing in the interiors also. The word minimalism is also being used in home interiors. Traditional designs, moldings, vintage artwork, romantic silhouettes and patterns also appeared in the interiors of the year 2023. It is in trend to keep only minimum useful and necessary things in the house.

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