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How to do makeup in winter? Know what to apply on the face and what things to stay away from

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Winter makeup: Makeup is done in every season. But, people should do different makeup according to winter and summer. Because wearing the same makeup in every season can be harmful for the skin. So, what you have to do is to do winter makeup in winter and summer makeup in summer. So, now when it comes to winter makeup, you should take care of some things and avoid doing some things. For example, while applying makeup in winter, you should take care that there should not be too much layer of makeup. Also, the makeup should be such that it does not dry out your skin. So, during this time you can take care of these things.

How to do makeup in winter-How to do makeup in winter in Hindi

1. Avoid foundation

While doing makeup in winter, first of all keep in mind that never use foundation in powder or cream format. Also try not to use foundation at all. Because it can block your pores and clog them. Due to this, the production of sebum in the face increases and the face may appear oily on which rashes and acne may appear.

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2. Apply moisturizer

Applying moisturizer can help in maintaining the beauty of the face. It moisturizes your skin and tones it from within. Apart from this, the face does not crack and its texture remains correct. Therefore, before applying makeup in winter, apply moisturizer and enhance the beauty of the face.

3. Apply sunscreen primer

You should use sunscreen primer before applying makeup in winter. All you have to do is take out the sunscreen and mix primer in it. Then mix both and apply it on your face. With this, while your skin will not be harmed by makeup, your skin will be protected from other skin related problems.

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4. Avoid matte lipsticks

Matte lipstick is not right for winters. Due to this, the lips crack rapidly and you feel this dryness for a long time. So, you should apply lipstick after applying balm or moisturizer. This prevents your lips from chapping and the texture of the skin of your lips remains correct. So, you should take special care of these things while doing makeup in winter.

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