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How to make a snack of stale bread? Know 3 recipes

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leftover roti recipe

Spicy breakfast of stale bread: Often we cook too much food at night and it is left over. In such a situation, many times after waking up in the morning the only thought that comes to mind is what to do with this leftover food. So, today we will know what you can make from stale bread. Actually, you can make some healthy recipes for breakfast from stale bread. You do not need to put much effort, just with the help of a few things you will be able to prepare a tasty breakfast within 10 minutes. This breakfast (leftover roti recipe in Hindi) will be such that even children and elders in your house will eat it. So, let’s know its recipe.

How to make stale roti breakfast-leftover roti recipe for breakfast

1. Crumbs of stale bread

To make churma of stale roti, heat the roti lightly and break it. Now cut the jaggery into small pieces. Now heat ghee in a small pan, add pieces of jaggery to it and cook it on low flame for 1 minute. Now immediately make churma of ghee, jaggery and roti by mashing it with your fingers and serve it hot. This is a very tasty and healthy breakfast.

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2. Poha made from stale bread

To make roti poha, cut the roti into small pieces. First put the pan on gas and add oil in it. When the oil becomes hot, add cumin, mustard, fennel and asafoetida. When the cumin seeds get a little hot, add onion, peanuts and finely chopped green chillies to it. Now when the onion becomes slightly brown, add bread pieces, spices, salt, a little sugar and lemon juice and stir for 2 minutes and cover the pan. Cut coriander leaves and mix them on top and then eat poha made from stale roti.

leftover poha

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leftover poha

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3. Stale Bread Pizza

You can also make tasty roti pizza from leftover roti. For this, apply tomato ketchup and Schezwan sauce on stale roti. Then mash boiled potatoes and apply it. You can prepare potatoes as per your taste by adding onion, tomato, green chilli, black pepper, coriander powder, dry mango powder and lemon juice to taste. Now put salad pieces on it. Then roll the roti, apply butter on the pan, bake it and serve.

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