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How to make hair shiny, know 3 cheapest home remedies

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how to make your hair shiny and silky

How to make hair shiny: Everyone wants beautiful hair. Everyone wants to have long and thick hair. People spend a lot of money on this and still are not happy. For such people, these are tips which make hair silky and shiny. The special thing is that these are absolutely natural and beneficial for your hair in every way. Their use enhances the shine of your hair along with enhancing its beauty (home remedies for shiny and silky hairs). Besides, it can also help in reducing dandruff and many scalp related problems. So, let us know what these solutions are.

How to make hair shiny?

1. Apply Amla water

Applying Amla water can bring shine to your hair. It not only improves the color of your hair but also corrects its texture, making your hair shine from within. Not only this, this method is also helpful in reducing the problem of white hair and making the hair better from the roots. So, if you want shiny hair then apply Amla water to your hair.

With this paste, the crust and dryness of the skin will disappear within minutes, people’s attention will slip on the velvety skin.

2. Lemon and Shea Butter

Applying a mixture of lemon and shea butter improves the complexion of your hair. It also adds shine to your hair and improves its texture. So, if you want straight and beautiful hair then mix shea butter in lemon juice and then apply it on your hair. Wash your hair with water after some time. This will increase the shine of your hair and improve its texture.

  hair shiny and silky

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hair shiny and silky

Hair will become soft as silk with a broom, apply this hair mask made of egg and banana once a week.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is helpful in protecting the hair from the harmful effects of sunlight and moisturizing the hair. You can use the pulp of aloe vera leaf to apply it directly on the scalp and hair. As a home remedy for silky hair, you can mix aloe vera gel in olive oil and apply this oil on your hair. Then, leave it for some time before washing it off. So, you can adopt these remedies for shiny hair.

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