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If you are going to Mathura-Vrindavan then visit these 5 places, one is more beautiful than Rishikesh – India TV Hindi

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Places to visit around Mathura

Today is Holi Re Rasiya in Brij…Hori Re Rasiya, Barjori Re Rasiya…Today is Holi Re Rasiya in Brij…Yes, you will hear this song these days from Mathura to Barsana. About a month before Holi, the entire Mathura city starts becoming drenched in colors. People come from far and wide to see Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan. Everyone must watch Barsana’s Lathmaar Holi once. The gulal flying in the air and the excitement of the weather increases as soon as you reach Mathura. When the Hariyarins of Barsana rain sticks on the cowherds of Nand village, the people of Brij keep watching this leela. If you are planning to visit Mathura-Vrindavan on Holi, then do not forget to explore the beautiful places around it. Today we are telling you about 5 such religious and beautiful places, where you should visit.

  1. Ramanreti- Ramanreti is about 12 kilometers away from Mathura. This is a very beautiful place. It is said that Lord Krishna used to roam around here with his friends. Even today the soil here has the same purity. Raman Reti has sand and magnificent huts all around. The banks of Yamuna further enhance the beauty of this place. The beauty of this place seems greater than Rishikesh. Raman Reti also has a deer sanctuary and some beautiful temples. You must visit here.

  2. Gokul’s eighty-fourth pillar- Chaurasi Khamba Temple is situated 10 kilometers away from Mathura. It is believed that Shri Krishna spent his childhood here. This is the Nand Bhawan temple of Gokul which is known as Chaurasi Khamba temple. It is said that by visiting this temple one gets the pleasure of visiting 4 Dhams.

  3. Dauji (Baldev) Temple- The temple of Lord Krishna’s elder brother Baldau ji is situated at a distance of 20 kilometers from Mathura. This temple is quite beautiful and recognized. This is the only temple of Lord Dauji where he is present along with his wife Revati. You will feel happy as soon as you go to the temple.

  4. Nidhivan- Nidhivan is a very peaceful and famous religious place near Vrindavan. Although Nidhivan is considered mysterious. It is believed that even today Lord Krishna performs Raas at night with Radha and Gopis in Nidhivan. After this they sleep in the palace built here. Makhan Mishri is offered to Kanha in the palace.

  5. Rain- The temple of Radharani of Barsane is situated at a distance of a few kilometers from Mathura. This temple is built on a hill in the middle of Barsana. This very beautiful temple is also known as ‘Radharani Mahal’. There is amazing splendor here on Radhashtami. If you are going to Mathura then definitely visit here.

Jamnagar of Gujarat resides in the heart of Ambani family, you should also plan to visit.

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