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Include this 1 thing in your winter breakfast, you will feel agile and agile throughout the day.

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Warming winter breakfas

Warming winter breakfast: People also remain troubled in winter because due to cold there is lethargy in the body. In such a situation, I don’t feel like making breakfast. In this situation, you can prepare something for breakfast which is tasty and also helps in increasing the heat in your body. One such thing is Raab. Raab is a Rajasthani dish which is considered very beneficial to eat in winter. While it is very easy to make, it is also helpful in generating energy in the body. Apart from this, it is so light to eat that you will eat it comfortably and it will remain in your stomach throughout the day. Besides, it also maintains agility and agility in your body. So, let’s know the recipe for making Raab. First let us know what Raab is.

What is Raab?

In Rajasthan, raab or rabri is a porridge made from millet or jowar flour mixed with buttermilk. It was made in earthen pots. The special thing is that a cup of hot Raab warms the body during winter. Come, let us know its recipe (Raab Bajra recipes)

raw millet

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raw millet

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How to make Raab

To make Raab, first you have to take millet and put it in buttermilk and take 2 to 4 whistles in a cooker. After this, all you have to do is to prepare a pan and add mustard oil in it. Then add some mustard seeds, curry leaves and then all the spices lightly. Now add the millet that you cooked with buttermilk in it. Add a little salt and onion, green chilli and coriander leaves and cook. Add 1 teaspoon ghee and cook once again. After this turn off the gas. Let it cool a bit and then serve it.

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During this time, keep in mind that if buttermilk seems to be less then add a little more buttermilk to it. Some people also prepare it in the traditional way by cooking it in an earthen pot. But, the difference there is that it will take you more time. It will take less time here and it will be ready quickly. Also, do not use too many spices in it. While the Raab made in this way will be good for your stomach, it will also work to increase energy in the body. So, don’t waste your time and try Raab for breakfast.

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