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Lohri 2024: Make Punjabi Pinniyan on Lohri, note down its recipe immediately

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how to make punjabi pinni

Lohri 2024: The festival of Lohri is very special and on this day people prepare and eat different types of things at home. In this festival, many hot items are made from jaggery, dry fruits and flour and then eaten. One such thing is Pinniyan which is prepared and eaten in abundance on this occasion. The special thing is that its nature is very hot and it is also beneficial for health. So, let us know how to make pinnis in Punjabi style.

How to make Punjabi Pinni

To make Punjabi Pinnis

wheat flour
Take dry coconut.

pinni recipe

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pinni recipe

Curd-chuda is eaten on Makar Sankranti, today learn the traditional way of making curd in an earthen pot.

Now heat the pan and add ghee in it. After this add wheat flour to it and fry it. After this, roast almonds, cashew nuts and dry coconut one by one. Now add roasted flour in a bowl and mix everything well. Then add borra on top and stir. If it seems too dry then add ghee to it and then mix well. After this, apply ghee on your hands and make small round balls out of it.

Kathiawadi Thabadi Peda in Gujarat is more famous than Mathura, it is made without ghee, mawa and syrup.

Now keep these pinnis in a box and then sit comfortably and eat it. These pinnis are long lasting and so easy to make that you can make them anytime. So, if you have not eaten Punjabi Pinni till now then make it at home and eat it.

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