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Make carrot halwa quickly with this easy trick without rubbing, know the recipe

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Fresh carrots start arriving in the cold season. If you did not eat carrot halwa in this season, what did you eat? Carrot Halwa is easily available in the market, but making it at home is a different pleasure. Due to rubbing of carrots, people often become lazy and do not cook and eat them quickly. If you are also one of them, then we have brought for you a very easy method of making carrot halwa. In this you will not need to grate or grate carrots and the taste is such that everyone will ask you to eat this halwa. Let us tell you how to make this recipe. Know the easy method of making carrot halwa.

Ingredients for making Carrot Halwa

Half kg carrots, 200 grams mawa, half loaf milk, 250 grams sugar, 4, 5 cardamoms, dry fruits, ghee.

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How to make Carrot Halwa

To make carrot halwa, first wash it thoroughly and peel it gently. Now instead of grating the carrot, cut it into pieces and put it in the pressure cooker. Now turn off the gas after 5 whistles. Now take out the carrots from the cooker. Your carrot has now become very soft, so now mash it with the help of a ladle. Now put the carrot in the pan and fry till the water dries up. When the water dries, keep the carrots aside and add ghee in the pan. Now cook the carrots well in ghee. Carrots have to be cooked until they turn golden. When the carrots start sticking lightly to the pan, add half a pound of milk to it and then cook the carrots thoroughly. When the carrot pudding becomes thick with milk, then add 200 grams of mawa and cardamom to it. Now slow down the gas flame and cook the carrot halwa on low flame for 2 minutes. Now your carrot halwa is ready for serving. Now garnish it with dry fruits.

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