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Make this famous street food at home, the taste will be such that you too will say…wow… – India TV Hindi

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street type papdi chaat

Papdi Chaat Recipe: In the evening I often feel like eating something spicy. In such a situation, I feel like enjoying some street food. But, sometimes it is not possible to go out. In such a situation, you can make papdi chaat and eat it. You will always remember the taste of this street food. Apart from this, it is also healthy and eating it can also prevent the problem of gas and indigestion. So, let us know the recipe of Papdi Chaat (street type papdi chaat recipe) and why you should prepare and eat it.

Papdi Chaat Recipe

how to make papdi

-First of all, to make papdi, take flour and mix salt and ghee in it. Then knead it with hot water.
-Now first make sweet chutney of tamarind and cumin. For this, grind tamarind and add cumin powder to it and mix. Then take a pan and add little oil in it. Add cumin or mustard seeds and curry leaves. Then grind tamarind and cumin and mix it.
-Also prepare chutney of mint and coriander and keep it.
-Now roll the flour and make holes in it with the help of a fork.
-Now cut it into round pieces with a lid and then put it in oil and fry it.
-Now take out this papdi.
-Then take 1 bowl of curd and mix some salt and sugar in it and beat it.
-Then arrange papdi on a plate and add broken boiled potatoes on it.
-Then pour curd on it and add onion cutter.
-Put coriander and tamarind chutney over it.
-Add cumin powder and salt.
-Add coriander leaves and green chillies.
-Add chopped onion again.
-Serve everything together and eat.

  papdi chaat

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papdi chaat

Desi Chinese! The easiest recipe to make Chilli Paneer, you will enjoy it with fried rice and paratha.

You can also add other things from your Hilab like pomegranate and other fruits. Besides, you can also choose the spices as per your choice whose taste will make you happy. So, do try this Papdi Chaat sometime.

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