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Mix these black seeds in coconut oil, your hair will start growing in a week.

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Oil for strong hair

Due to changes in lifestyle, the condition of hair has become very bad. The quality of hair has been so badly affected that it no longer grows quickly. Women are getting tired of trying all kinds of things to grow their hair long. But instead of getting benefits, hair is getting damaged. No matter how many solutions you try, it is difficult for your hair to grow even a little longer. If you are also going through the same problem, then definitely try this grandmother’s recipe once. Make this oil by mixing these few things in coconut oil. This will stop your hair fall and new hair will start growing on your head, let us tell you how to make this oil.

These ingredients are best for long hair

Coconut oil and olive oil are very beneficial for hair. Vitamin B, Vitamin C, protein and many such anti-oxidants are found in curry leaves which are helpful in increasing hair growth by nourishing the scalp. Cloves, rich in antioxidant properties, protect your hair from damage. Carotene is also found in cloves, which provides vitamin A quality. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are found in black sesame which increases hair growth.

With this paste, the crust and dryness of the skin will disappear within minutes, people’s attention will slip on the velvety skin.

How to make oil?

Place 2 spoons of black sesame seeds, 3-4 cloves, 10-12 dried curry leaves on the gas and fry on low flame for 5 minutes. Now mix them together in a grinder and grind them very finely. Now mix 200 grams of coconut oil and olive oil together and put it on the gas, heat it lightly and turn off the gas. Now mix the powder you have made in this oil well. Your magical oil is ready. Put it in a container and keep it. You can use this oil for a month

How to apply?

Apply this oil 3 times a week before sleeping at night. Apply this oil on your roots and massage your hair. By doing this your hair will start growing very soon.

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