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Mixing these two things in olive oil will make your hair grow faster.

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These days people are very much troubled by hair fall. Changing lifestyle of people, increasing work stress, excessive consumption of junk food from outside are some of the important reasons which have affected our health and hair. Due to weakening of hair, they fall continuously and hair growth stops. In such a situation, you use many types of oils to make your hair grow but do not get any positive results. If your hair is falling excessively and is not growing long, then you can use olive oil. Olive oil brings life to your dull hair. Apart from making hair thick, it also increases the length of hair. If you are thinking of increasing hair growth and want to strengthen your hair from the roots, then mix these 2 things with olive oil and then see the wonders. Let us tell you what things you can mix with olive oil to make a wonderful magical oil.

What is needed to make this magical oil?

  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • Vitamin E capsule

This magical oil is the enemy of white hair, as soon as you apply it your hair will turn black from the roots, just use it like this

Make magical oil like this

The combination of olive oil and coconut oil will make your hair grow quickly. Coconut oil is also very beneficial for hair. Let us tell you how to make this oil. Take 2 cups of olive oil and now add 1 cup of coconut oil in it. Now mix these two oils well. When both the oils mix well, heat the mixture a little. Now mix oil of 6 Vitamin E capsules in it. And now beat this oil well again. Your magical oil is ready. Now fill this oil in a container and keep it. Apply this oil to the roots of your hair and massage thoroughly. Leave the oil overnight and wash your hair with your shampoo the next morning. Apply this oil 3 days a week. By doing this your hair will start growing slowly and their breakage will also stop.

Mixing this thing with honey and applying it will bring back the lost glow of your face, use it like this.

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