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Morning Routine: What should be done first thing in the morning and what should not be done?

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You must adopt some healthy habits as soon as you wake up in the morning. To stay fit and healthy for a long time, morning routine should be the best. It is said that if you start the day with good things then the whole day goes well. The day starts as soon as you wake up in the morning, so you should start your day with healthy habits. For this, take care of morning diet, exercise and meditation. Most people start the day with tea or coffee which proves to be the most harmful. One should not consume caffeine as soon as one wakes up. Apart from this, there are some habits which you must follow. Know what should be done first thing in the morning and what not?

What should one do after waking up in the morning?

  1. Drink hot water- The day should be started with warm water. If you want to stay fit and healthy, make it a habit to drink hot water first thing in the morning. This keeps the stomach healthy and detoxifies the body. Toxins accumulated in the body also get removed easily with hot water. Drinking warm water in the morning also improves digestion.
  2. Stretch the body- After getting up from bed in the morning, one feels lazy and tired for some time. For this, do body stretching after waking up. Your laziness and fatigue will go away completely. This will also relax the muscles. Stretching reduces stress, joint pain and increases the flexibility of the body. You can also do some yoga or exercise.
  3. Do meditation- To find peace in your hectic life, start the day with meditation. This will remove stress, anxiety and the mind will feel relaxed. By meditating for 20 minutes in the morning, you can keep stress away throughout the day. Meditation calms the mind and provides positive energy.
  4. Enjoy the morning sunshine- Get up in the morning and take some sunlight. This provides Vitamin D to the body. Sitting in sunlight brings positivity in the mind. This will keep you healthy. Sitting in the sun reduces pain and strengthens bones and muscles. Sitting in the sun also boosts the immune system. Morning sunlight is also beneficial for the skin.
  5. Read something or the other- After waking up in the morning, you must read something. You can read any favorite book. If you want, you can read a magazine. Make a habit of reading newspapers. This will give you a lot of positive feeling. Your day will be better.

What not to do after waking up in the morning

Tea, coffee and other caffeine should not be consumed as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Stress or stressful activities should be avoided as soon as you wake up in the morning.
As soon as you wake up in the morning, keep some distance from your phone, laptop or TV.
One should also avoid getting angry after waking up in the morning.

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