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Mustard, fenugreek, bathua and spinach greens will be cleaned in a jiffy, adopt this trick

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Eating green vegetables is very tasty during cold days. In winter, if you get to eat hot greens and millet or maize bread with it, then what is the point? Eating greens is more beneficial than it looks tasty. Green vegetables contain abundant amounts of nutrients. Iron, protein and many other minerals are found in greens. Greens help in fighting winter diseases. Now knowing so many benefits, you will eat greens daily. However, making saag and cleaning it seems like a very difficult task. It is not easy to pick green leaves, clean them and cut them. Today we are telling you the easiest way to clean greens. With this, you will be able to clean the vegetables within minutes without any hassle.

The easiest way to clean saag (Saag Cleaning Quick Hacks)

  1. How to clean and cut mustard seeds- Mustard leaves are very large, so it becomes very easy to clean them. Make all the leaves equally and make them like a bundle. Keep the stalks aside and then cut all the stalks together. Now wash the leaves 3-4 times. Make a bundle again and hold it in your fist. Now keep cutting the vegetables from the sides.
  2. Method of cleaning fenugreek- Selecting fenugreek leaves for making saag becomes a bit difficult. Fenugreek leaves are quite small. It becomes difficult to pick them out one by one. In such a situation, take the bundle of greens and cut the roots. Now open the bundle and see if there is any other leaf in it. Now wash it thoroughly in water. Place the fenugreek on a chopper board and chop it finely.
  3. Method of cleaning spinach- Spinach leaves are also big like mustard. See them in closed bundle only. If there is any bad leaf, remove it. Now cut the thick stalks of spinach. With this the spinach will be cleaned easily. Now wash the spinach leaves thoroughly 2-3 times. When the water drains out, cut it with the help of a knife.
  4. Method of cleaning bathua- The leaves of Bathua, like fenugreek, are also quite small. It takes time to pick them leaf by leaf and they become very small as they melt. The method of cleaning bathua is also very easy. Make a bundle of Bathua or if it is already made then cut the stalk from it. Open the bundle and remove bad leaves. Now wash it thoroughly with clean water. Make a bundle and chop it finely with the help of a knife.

Make Bathua’s stuffed parathas from grandmother’s recipe, you will be tempted to eat them again and again.

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