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Orange peel will give your skin a glow like Anushka Sharma, just use it like this

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Orange peel benefits in skin care

After eating orange, people throw its peel in the garbage. Are you also making the same mistake? If yes, then don’t do this from now on. Because, with its peels you can get flawless skin like Anushka Sharma. Vitamin C is found in abundance in orange. Its consumption not only benefits your health but also your skin. But along with orange, its peel is also very effective. Many such properties are also found in its peel, which can help you in getting rid of skin related problems. Actually, nutrients like Vitamin C, folate, antioxidants, polyphenols are found in abundance in orange peel. And all these nutrients are known to increase the glow of your face.

You can make toner and scrubber for your skin care routine from orange peel. Due to which your skin can get a lot of benefits. Toner made from orange peel can remove many problems including acne, blemishes, pigmentation, wrinkles and many more. Since orange peel is a natural fruit, its use will not cause any harm to your skin. Apart from this, its scrubber will rid you of dead skin and it also works to correct uneven tone. Let us tell you how to make its face toner and scrubber.

How to make toner

First of all, boil some orange peels in a glass of water. When it starts boiling lightly, add mint leaves to it. After boiling for about 10 minutes, turn off the gas. Now let this water cool and then filter it. Also add rose water and vitamin E oil to it. Then fill it in a spray bottle and refrigerate, your toner made from orange peel is ready. Shake the bottle well before using the toner.

Wash your face before sleeping at night and spray it before sleeping. Its regular use will give tremendous glow to your face and can remove pigmentation and blemishes.

Orange peel benefits in skin care

Image Source : FREEPIK

Orange peel benefits in skin care

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Method of making scrubber

First of all, dry the orange peel thoroughly in the sun. When they dry and become completely hard, then grind them in a grinder. Grind them lightly coarsely. Now fill this powder in a container and keep it. Whenever you want to scrub your skin, take this powder and add a little honey and milk to it, make a paste and apply it on your skin. Its scrubber is very effective in removing your dead skin. You can use this orange scrub 3 times a week. With its regular use, your skin will always look young and glowing. You will also get rid of dead skin, pigmentation and blemishes.

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