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Pain relieving aspirin will now remove stains from clothes, just put 2 tablets in the washing machine.

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How to wash clothes with aspirin medicine

Stain Remove From Clothes: Nowadays, washing machines are used to wash clothes in most of the houses. Clothes are easily washed in the machine, but sometimes the stains are not completely removed. In such a situation, some people rub the clothes to remove stains before putting them in the machine. Only after that the clothes are put in the washing machine. Now stubborn stains on clothes will be removed in a jiffy with just one aspirin tablet. Yes, you might not believe it, but try this hack once. Your clothes will start shining like new.

Till now you might have used aspirin to relieve pain, but now this medicine will also remove stains from your clothes. By putting this pain killer in the machine and washing the clothes, the stains on the clothes will be removed. Let us know how to use aspirin?

Use painkiller like this

Aspirin has a direct connection with cleaning processes. Whenever you plan to wash clothes, put some aspirin tablets in the washing machine. For better results, crush the tablets and then dissolve them in water. Now put any detergent in the machine and start the machine. All the stains on your clothes will disappear. This will make the clothes shine like new.

If you wash clothes without a machine, that is, if you wash clothes by hand, then when you soak the clothes in water or surf, add a solution of aspirin tablets to them. Let the clothes soak for a while and then clean the clothes by rubbing with the help of hands and brush. You will see that all the stains have disappeared.

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