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Quilts and blankets remain spread on the bed, adopt these hacks, the scattered room will look completely clean.

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In cold weather one does not feel like getting out of the quilt blanket. However, blankets and quilts lying on the bed spoil the look. Due to this the whole room looks completely scattered. Now the question arises that where to keep such a heavy quilt blanket. Today we are telling you some such tricks by which you will not need to lift the quilt blanket and your bed will look absolutely lovely. If you want, you can fold them and keep them handy. You just have to adopt these simple hacks.

Use printed cover- If you want to keep a quilt blanket spread on the bed, then the best option is to put a cover on the quilt matching the bedsheet. Separate covers for quilts and blankets are also available in the market. Due to this, the quilt blanket will not get dirty and it will also look beautiful. You can fold them like a hotel or lay them by pressing them inside the mattress.

Place in basket- Beautiful baskets are available in the market to keep clothes. If you do not like the quilt blankets spread on the bed, then you can fold them and keep them in this basket. Colorful stylish baskets look beautiful. They also have lids so that no one can guess what is kept inside the basket.

Use bag- Many times there is not enough space in the cupboard to keep blankets and quilts. Therefore, you can use blankets packets to keep blankets. You will find such beautiful bags in the market in which you can easily keep even the biggest blanket. These do not take up much space either. You can keep them in the cupboard or any other place.

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