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Saffron will remove blemishes and pimples, your face will start shining like glass.

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Saffron Face Pack

Your complexion is like silver, hair like gold… Yes, most of the people wish that their complexion also becomes clean and white like silver. Saffron works wonders in nourishing and beautifying the face. Saffron is used in many things from eating to applying on the face. By applying saffron on the face, the skin becomes spotless and the complexion also improves. These small saffron colored threads are no less than a miracle. When added to food, it changes colour, taste and aroma. Applying saffron on the face removes pimples. Black spots on the face start disappearing with saffron. Know how to use saffron on the face?

Make face pack at home with saffron

  1. Saffron face pack for fair complexion- Saffron threads enhance your complexion. It is used in many soaps and creams. For this, take saffron threads and soak them in raw milk. When the milk starts turning saffron in color, apply it on the face and neck with the help of cotton. This will bring glow to your face.
  2. Saffron to remove pimples- Some people are very troubled by the problem of pimples. Especially women have more pimples on their faces. These pimples leave scars on the face. To remove pimples and acne, prepare a paste by mixing saffron and basil leaves with it. Now apply it on pimples. This will reduce the pimples and acne on the face.
  3. Saffron for soft skin- In winter the skin becomes dry and lifeless. For this, make a pack of saffron and apply it. For soft skin, mix saffron and honey and apply on face. This will make the skin soft and moisturized. Soak saffron in 1 teaspoon honey. Apply it on face and neck. All dryness of the skin will be gone and the face will remain healthy.
  4. Saffron for oily skin- People whose skin is oily and sticky should apply saffron mixed with gram. This reduces face oil. To make this face pack, soak 2 spoons of gram in milk overnight. Now add saffron to this milk and grind all three things in the morning. Apply this pack on the face for 2 weeks. This will clear the dirt and oil accumulated on the face.
  5. Kaiser face pack to relieve itching- Some people have the problem of itching on the face. Such people should use saffron. The beneficial elements of saffron help in soothing itching. You should mix saffron with coconut oil and apply it. Mix some drops of rose water in it also. Apply it on the face before sleeping at night.

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