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There is nothing hotter than this for the body! Make in winter and eat just 1 piece daily

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Kesar Sonth Gud Pakwan

Kesar Sonth Jaggery Dish: There is a lot of lack of energy in people during winter. Feels sleepy and remains lazy. Apart from this, there is no immunity in the body and the risk of falling ill is high. Besides, infectious diseases can also attack you more in this season. In such a situation, you should consume some hot things in this season. Like this kesar sonth gud pakwan. Actually, this is a very hot food and consuming it in excess can be harmful. But, eating just one serving of it daily can help protect you from many diseases. Come, let us know its recipe.

Kesar sonth gud pakwan recipe

To make Kesar Sonth Jaggery dish, first cook saffron in 1 cup of ghee. Then all you have to do is make jaggery syrup. On the other hand, grind dry fruits coarsely and keep aside. Now mix dry ginger and dry fruits in 1 cup of ghee and put it in jaggery syrup. Then grease a plate with ghee and spread the saffron dry ginger and jaggery dish thoroughly. Now cut it into barfi shapes. Leave to cool. After that keep it sealed in an air tight container. Eat 1 piece of it daily with milk.

kesar sonth gud pakwan recipe

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kesar sonth gud pakwan recipe

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When to eat saffron dry jaggery dish

You can eat saffron dry jaggery dish in the morning or at night. You can also take it with milk which is very effective for bones. Apart from this, it is also helpful in reducing the problem of anemia in women. Not only this, it is also helpful in boosting your energy.

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This Kesar Sonth Jaggery dish is also beneficial for those who exercise or lack stamina. So, if you have not eaten or made anything like this till now, then you must try Kesar Sonth Jaggery dish.

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