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This 1 laddu can overcome protein deficiency, know how to make it at home

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high protein ladoo

High protein ladoo recipe: Protein is needed to keep the body warm in winter. Due to this, heat remains in the body and it keeps healing itself. Not only this, the body needs protein to keep the muscles healthy in winter and to avoid all types of pain. Apart from this, protein is important for keeping hair healthy and also for improving the texture of the skin. In such a situation, today we will tell you about 1 high protein laddu, which if consumed, will not cause protein deficiency in the body.

High protein ladoo recipe

To make high protein laddus, you have to take some protein rich seeds with the help of which you will make these laddus. to make it

-pumpkin seeds
-sunflower seeds
-Sesame seeds
-Chia seeds
-Take quinoa seeds.
-Dry Fruits
-Take cardamom powder.

how to make high protein ladoo

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how to make high protein ladoo

Make creamy dal makhani and maize millet roti in winters, it will be fun to eat, note down the recipe.

Now first of all make jaggery sheera. Mix some saffron and cardamom powder in it. Then all you have to do is roast the remaining seeds in a pan and mix and grind them. Grind this coarsely. Then you have to add all these things in jaggery and mix well. Then apply ghee on your hands and make laddus. Make this laddu and put it in a container. Try to ensure that there is no air in it so that it does not get spoiled.

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So, just make these laddus and keep them at home and then consume it with 1 glass of hot milk every night or at breakfast. It is not only good for your health but also good for your hair and bones. Apart from this, consuming this laddu in breakfast helps in maintaining energy in the body throughout the day. So, make this laddu at home and then consume it comfortably.

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