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This village is famous for night life in Delhi, party all night here on New Year 2023

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hauz khas village

Delhi New Year Celebration: If you don’t have any plans for New Year celebration at the moment or you don’t have a holiday, don’t be disappointed. This is because there are many places in Delhi itself where you can have a great party all night. After coming here you will forget that you are even in India. The night life here is buzzing all the time. Whenever you go here, you can roam around comfortably. Also, you can come here to have that type of party of your choice. So, let us know about this famous place in Delhi which is called a village but in reality it is a party place where everyone should go.

This village is famous for night life in Delhi

Hauz Khas village of Delhi is famous for its buzzing night life. This is the heart of South Delhi where every party person definitely comes. Here you will find many types of water places which were called ponds and there are amazing buildings built around them. Meanwhile, there are many types of open cafes and restaurants here. New couples can go for a walk here. Here you can spend a romantic evening. Apart from this, let us know in detail what is there here.

new year party

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new year party

2 long weekends are coming back to back, start planning these places to visit in short time.

What is there in Hauz Khas Village?

Any couple can roam safely in Hauz Khas Village. People praise the street painting here. Here you will find discos, many drinking cafes, restaurants and boutiques. People can enjoy drinks, dance and music here at night. Not only this, on New Year there are theme parties in different cafes which you can enjoy. Here you will get tickets not only online but anytime by going there.

Gabbar’s pakodas are more famous in Ayodhya than Sholay’s Gabbar, if you go then definitely eat them.

So, if you also want to party here on New Year then you can choose this place. Also, if you want to throw a party, you can still plan it here. So, party this New Year at Hauz Khas Village. To go here, get down at Hauz Khas Metro Station, from there you will get some vehicle for Hauz Khas Village.

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