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This white tablet worth Rs 2 will get rid of dandruff stuck in the head, you will get instant relief.

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During the winter season, most of the people are troubled by the problem of dandruff. At the same time, sometimes some people are not able to get rid of dandruff for 12 months of the year. Due to the increase in the problem of dandruff in the head, many types of problems start. The reason for this is Due to this, the hair becomes weak and starts breaking and becomes dry and lifeless. The shine of the hair is lost. Also, due to dandruff, there is constant itching due to which pimples start appearing on the scalp. If you are also struggling with this problem. If you are suffering from this then you can try this magical recipe to cure it from the root. This centuries old recipe can work like Sanjeevani herb for you. Let us tell you what is this recipe.

Camphor will eliminate dandruff

Camphor available for Rs 2 can be very beneficial for you. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are found in camphor. It increases the production of elastin and collagen in the hair. Therefore, you can use coconut oil to remove dandruff. You can use it in. Let us tell you how to use them to eliminate dandruff.

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Mixture of coconut oil and camphor is effective

Antibacterial properties of camphor are effective in removing dandruff. Besides, it rapidly increases blood circulation and reduces dryness of hair. At the same time, coconut oil also removes dryness of the scalp and provides cooling there. Mix 2 tablets of camphor in half a cup of coconut oil. Grind camphor tablets and mix them with coconut oil. Heat coconut oil on gas until camphor dissolves.

This is the way to apply it

Apply this oil made from a mixture of coconut and camphor on the roots of the head and massage the head gently. After applying camphor coconut oil, leave it overnight. Wash hair with cold water in the morning. By doing this, dandruff will disappear from your head within a week.

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