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What happens if you apply too much moisturizer on your face?

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Disadvantages of applying too much moisturizer: In winter, the cold wind snatches moisture from your skin and due to this the skin starts cracking from inside and there is a deficiency of collagen. In such a situation, the problem of dry skin starts and then you need a moisturizer. But, is it OK to put moisturizer on face everyday in winter? No, because applying moisturizer daily dulls the skin from within and affects its complexion. Apart from this, it also has a deep effect on your skin pores. So, let us know about this in detail.

Does moisturizer do more harm than good? What are the disadvantages of face moisturizer?

1. Blocks skin pores

Applying too much moisturizer causes the skin pores to get blocked and then dirt starts accumulating in them. Apart from this, whatever you apply on your face after this, the skin is not able to absorb it fast. Not only this, the blood circulation of the skin pores also gets affected and the effect of which can be seen widely.

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2. Causes dirt on face

Applying too much moisturizer causes dirt on the face. This allows more dirt to accumulate in the skin, which can increase the problem of acne and rashes in the skin. Apart from this, acne bacteria can spread further due to which this problem can spread widely in the skin.

  can moisturizer cause acne

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can moisturizer cause acne

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3. Oily skin

Excessive use of moisturizer can make the skin more oily. Actually, when the skin pores get blocked due to moisturizer and then they start producing more sebum and the skin becomes even oily. So, just for these reasons you should not use too much moisturizer for the skin every day. Even if applied, use a light moisturizer and avoid applying it daily. Apart from this, try to apply it in very small quantities and only 2 to 3 times a week.

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