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What should people with oily skin not apply? Know it otherwise you will harm yourself.

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Is your skin oily? Do you keep cleaning your face with tissues all the time, then you should definitely think about moisturizing your face in winter. Actually, the problem of oily skin is that the pores of the skin keep producing oil continuously and coming in contact with dirt affects the skin. Due to this, the problem of acne etc. increases and then dullness may appear on the face. For all these reasons, we should know what not to apply on oily skin (What makes oily skin worse)

What should not be applied on oily skin-Worst ingredients for oily skin

1. Face Oil

In winter, people often start applying oil on their face after closing their eyes. Like applying coconut oil. Coconut oil is not good for oily skin because the particles of coconut oil are very thick and block the skin pores. In such a situation, the skin oil glands produce more oil, which makes the skin more oily.


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2. Thick Moisturizer

You should avoid using any thick moisturizer i.e. very thick and sticky moisturizer on oily skin. Because thick moisturizers remain in your skin and cause oil glands to start producing more oil, which can further increase skin problems. Therefore, if your skin is oily then avoid applying petroleum jelly and mineral oil.

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3. Hard Scrub

Using hard scrubs for the face can cause further damage to the skin. It narrows the skin pores due to which the skin starts producing more oil. Due to this, oily skin becomes more oily. So, for those with oily skin, use a soft scrub so that it does not harm the skin.

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