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You are getting 3 days holiday on Christmas, visit this place immediately

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Mount Abu

Christmas 2023: This time Christmas is a 3 day holiday i.e. a long weekend. Actually, there are three days holiday including Saturday-Sunday and Monday. In such a situation, this can be a big opportunity to travel somewhere. But, many people are thinking that on 25th December there is a lot of crowd everywhere and hotels etc. are booked. In such a situation, where to go suddenly? So, you should try to avoid visiting the hilly areas in and around Delhi. There can be maximum crowd here. Therefore, go a little distance but go to a place which is not too far from Delhi. Like Mount Abu

Winter Festival going on in Mount Abu

This time on Christmas you should go to Mount Abu. Winter Festival in Mount Abu is a cultural festival that mesmerizes you with colorful fireworks, cultural dance performances, concerts, competitions. This annual festival takes place near Nakki Lake. Folk dances like Ghoomar and Sufi Kathak, poetry reading and kite flying take place here. You can enjoy all this.

At these places in India, New Year celebration is like abroad, make a plan to visit today itself.

Places to visit in Mount Abu

In Mount Abu you can visit Dilwara Jain Temple, Nakki Lake and Peace Park. Apart from this, you can also visit many other places in this city. Here you can do shopping and eat and drink many things.

Winter Festival on Christmas Weekend

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Winter Festival on Christmas Weekend

Visit these hilly areas around Delhi in just 2 days, the expenses will also be negligible!

How to reach Mount Abu in Delhi?

To reach comfortably, either take a flight to Udaipur airport or take a train to Abu Road Railway Station. The cheapest way to reach Mount Abu from New Delhi is by train to Udaipur, then to Mount Abu. So, you should plan to go here this Christmas. Even if you are not able to move around much, you will still feel fresh. Even this small trip will be memorable and beautiful for you.

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