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You can lose 1 kg weight in 1 day, drink this water throughout the day and follow this diet plan

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Once obesity increases, it does not reduce easily. Nowadays, people are following many drinks, diet plans, exercises and workout plans to lose weight. However, many times even after adopting all these, obesity does not reduce. Many times one has to lose weight suddenly to go to a party or some function. In such a situation, losing 1-2 kg of weight in 1-2 days is no less than a challenge. If you want to lose weight fast, then we are telling you a very effective diet plan which can easily reduce your weight of 1 kg in 1 day. In this plan, you have to prepare a special kind of water and drink it throughout the day. You have to maintain distance from roti and rice. Know what is the most effective diet plan for weight loss?

To reduce belly fat, you have to start the day with water. You have to drink fenugreek and fennel water instead of normal water. For this, soak 1 teaspoon fenugreek in 1 glass of water and 1 teaspoon fennel in 1 glass of water overnight. Warm this water lightly in the morning and keep drinking it throughout the day. Apart from this, whatever water you drink during the day should be lukewarm.

  1. Breakfast- For breakfast, you have to eat a plateful of fruits, which can include apple, kiwi, papaya and other less sweet fruits. You can also eat 8-10 soaked almonds with it.
  2. Lunch- For lunch, you have to eat 1 plate of mixed salad, which can include lettuce, broccoli, tomato, carrot and cucumber. You eat a big plate of salad only. Keep in mind that salt should not be added to the salad at all.
  3. Snacks- You can drink soup in the evening. Mixed vegetable soup can be easily prepared in this season. If you want, you can drink tomato soup. Spinach soup also proves to be very beneficial. You can add lemon or black pepper to the soup. Do not add salt at all.
  4. Dinner- At night, you have to eat a plate full of salad and some boiled green vegetables. This will fill your stomach easily. Whatever vegetable or salad you eat, you do not have to add salt. You have to maintain distance from tea, coffee, milk, salt, sugar, rice and rotis throughout the day.

After adopting this diet for just one day, your weight will easily reduce by 1 kg. If you take a healthy diet then this weight will not be regained. You can lose weight easily by following this diet 1-2 days a week. However, one should avoid following this diet continuously.

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