1 kg burfi in the price of tea, rasmalai in 1 rupee, seeing the bill of 40 years ago will make your mouth water

New Delhi. As we all know, things used to be very cheap in earlier times. Most of the people must have often heard their parents saying that in our times this thing used to cost so much and today the prices are skyrocketing. If the bill of 1980 is kept in front of you, then perhaps your mind will be confused by seeing it. Old fashioned bills are becoming very viral these days on social media. One of them is the bill of samosa kachori and sweets. Many users are clicking photos of old receipts and sharing them on social media.

Users are also showing interest on these viral bills. Surprisingly, seeing this bill, you will not be able to guess that 1 kg barfi, rasmalai, samosa used to be so cheap in some era. You can see in these bills that at the price at which tea is available today, 1 kg of barfi could have been bought at that price. Anyway, if any antique thing is seen on social media, it starts gathering headlines.

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bill 40 years ago

Rates of sweets and snacks in 1980
This bill going viral on the internet is from 1980. Surprisingly, seeing this bill, you will not be able to guess that sweets and snacks used to be so cheap in some era. In today’s time samosa is available in the local shop for 10 to 15 rupees. Branded samosa does not come less than 25 rupees, but about 40 years ago, one samosa was available for only 50 paise. Whereas Barfi was available at the rate of Rs.10 per kg.

You will be surprised to see the rate of sweets in a menu card shared on Facebook. Apart from samosas, sweets like laddoos, rasgulla, black sourdough and rasmalai were available for 10 to 15 rupees per kilo. If seen today, the cost of one Rasmalai is Rs.40. Almost all the sweets are available in this card within Rs.20 only. Samosas and Kachoris used to cost 2 for 1 rupee. That is, a complete breakfast was made for 1 rupee. After seeing the bill, people are remembering their era on social media. A user said that in 1980 his salary was Rs 1000 which is equal to Rs 1 lakh today. Many users have become very emotional after seeing this bill on social media.

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