1 peacock feather that can do many great things, from evil eye to drive away negative energy from home

MORPANKH KE UPAY: In astrology, many small measures have been given to remove the negative energy of the house, one of them is to keep peacock feather in the house. Astrology believes that peacock feather removes the negative energy around us and increases the circulation of positive energy in our life. Peacock feather is very dear to Lord Krishna and he adorns it on his crown. In the Puranic period, Maharishis also composed big books by making peacock pen. All these things show how important and sacred the peacock feather is for us. According to astrology, there are some remedies done with peacock feathers which can remove problems from your life. Resident of Bhopal Astrologer and Vastu expert Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma Telling about some easy measures to be done with peacock feathers.

– To get rid of home tribulation

If a person’s house is suffering from a planetary crisis for a long time, then that person should put three peacock feathers on the main door of his house and write the mantra “Om Dwarpalaya Namah Jagray Sthapaye Swaha” and place the idol of Lord Ganesha below. . It is believed that by doing this the negative energy of the house goes away. Along with this, poisonous creatures and animals could not enter the house.

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To get rid of enemies

Apply vermilion on Bajrangbali’s forehead on peacock feather on Saturday and Tuesday and put it in some running water in the morning without washing your face. According to belief, by doing this, you will get rid of the problems you are facing from your enemies.

– for Vastu defect prevention

If you feel that the Vastu of your house is not right or there is any kind of Vastu defect, then to fix it, peacock feather should be placed in the southeast corner of your house, that is, between the east and south direction. Apart from this, you can put peacock feathers with the photo of Lord Krishna on the north-east corner of your house. According to belief, by doing this, the vastu defects of the house can be removed.

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To counter the evil effects of planets

If any planet in your horoscope is harming or troubling you, then sprinkle water on the peacock feather by reciting the mantra of that planet 21 times and keep it at such a place from where it is not visible. According to belief, by doing this, the wrong effect of the planet goes away soon.

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