3 breads of wheat flour brings the blood sugar spike to the dangerous level, do not consume it even by mistake, diabetes will become uncontrollable


When the husk of wheat is removed and it is grinded finely, the fiber comes out of it. This is harmful.
Rice flour is also very harmful for diabetes patients.

Blood Sugar Spikes Flours: Diabetes has become such a disease which has started posing a difficult challenge to the world. According to WHO, more than 422 million people in the world are suffering from diabetes. About 1.5 million people die every year due to diabetes. The condition of diabetes is worst in India. About 80 million people are suffering from diabetes here and by 2045, 135 million people in India are at risk of becoming diabetic. That’s why India came to be called the diabetic capital of the world. Diabetes increases the risk of diseases related to kidney, liver, heart and eyes.

We ourselves are the reason for having diabetes in the body. If our food gets spoiled. Instead of natural things, if we start eating them too processed, then it becomes very unhealthy. Along with this, when our life becomes very relaxed, then this disease occurs. That is, if we do not move much or do physical exercise and eat unhealthy food, then we get diabetes. In diabetes, suddenly after some food, the blood sugar spike increases a lot. There are some things that cause sudden rise in blood sugar. There are some breads out of these. Let us know here that what kind of rotis harm us.

breads that increase blood sugar suddenly

1. White Wheat FlourMost of the people in North India eat wheat flour. But most of the flour bought from the market is processed and very white. Actually, in this, after removing the peel of wheat, it is ground finely. Due to this, fiber comes out in it. In pure wheat, when the whole peel is attached, its glycemic index remains 30, but as soon as it is processed, that is, the peel is removed, then its glycemic index increases to 70. It can be understood from this that how harmful it can be for diabetes patients. That’s why diabetic patients should not buy and eat too much white flour from the market. Instead, make flour by grinding wheat yourself.

2. Corn breads-
Maize contains a lot of protein. Maize is very beneficial for healthy people without diabetes but people who have diabetes. They should not eat maize breads. According to the news of Healthline, the amount of carbohydrates in maize breads becomes very high. That’s why when maize breads are consumed, suddenly the blood sugar increases a lot.

3. White Rice Flour-
Rice flour is also very harmful for diabetes patients. That’s why doctors always do not advise diabetic patients to eat too much rice. Rice contains a lot of carbohydrate and its glycemic index is also very high. Pastry flour is made from rice only, so pastry flour should also not be used by diabetic patients.

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